AMREF’s Child in Need Project

The project exercises a community-based child-care approach, offering support to children in the streets, slums, and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This sustainable child-care support program aims to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-integrate, and Re-socialize vulnerable children back into the family unit and community.

The Rescue phase starts by making contact with abandoned and vulnerable children through sports and plays in targeted communities. Once children are identified, they are offered a position in the program. Approximately 180 participating children visit the center daily, where they are given food, health care, remedial education, and counseling.

The program invokes an artistic approach to therapy, fostering children’s participation in painting, theatre, song, dance, and videography each day/regularly.

Parents and guardians take part in counseling and support groups, as well as workshops on child rights, effective parenting, and other related issues.

Recognizing that street children are a product of impoverished homes and struggling families, parents are given opportunities to train with skilled artisans, equipping them with a trade to enhance their incomes

Cited from @amrefhealthafrica

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